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* gluten free

  products from “Sale della Terra



with black pork ragù and caciocavallo cheese from Castelfranco 6 euro


with speck, Bronte pistachio and caciocavallo 6 euro



Green olives 3 euro
Peanuts 2 euro

I fritti (mix of fried starters)

Crocchè with fior di latte, fried paccheri stuffed with ricotta and burrata, aubergine meatballs 8 euro


Falafel with Tahini sauce “Cucistyle” 8 euro

Nem Ram

Fried fillo dough rolls with mango, dried tomatoes, carrots, onions and creamy cheese 10 euro

Chicken Samosa

Fried South Asian pastry with a filling of chicken, potatoes, carrots, green chili and spices, served with yogurt and sour cream sauce 8 euro 

Grande Sfizio

Mixed starters 25 euro

Mini tagliere*

Small charcuterie board 10 euro

Il tagliere*

Charcuterie board 20 euro

Il tagliere di lardo di maiale nero

Toasted bread with black pork lard, Fattoria Muccio from Castelpoto 10 euro

Main Course

Autumn risotto

Risotto with pumpkin, porcini mushrooms and pecorino cheese
Portion for 2 people 28 euro

Potato, broccoli and fondue pie

Potato pie with Roman broccoli and Calitri caciocavallo fondue 10 euro


Rack of pork ribs and chicken wings marinated with barbecue, Bourbon, maple syrup and cream and sprinkled with bran peppers 14 euro

From the world


Chicken Bandidos 10 euro


Spiced chicken breast with coconut milk and bengali chickpeas 14 euro

Chicken Fajitas

Tex-Mex dish: chicken wra with corn, peppers, cheese and homemade hot sauce, served with spicy blacks beans 15 euro

Tia during

Traditional Gambian course: beef stew with butter and peanut spices accompanied by basmati rice 15 euro


Brazilian entrecote

Intense flavour meat 6 euro/hg

Spanish entrecote

5-year-old Simmenthal breed cow, 90-day maturation, meat with an intense flavor and little marble 8 euro/hg


Buns are homemade by our chef Cuci.
Gluten free buns available

Cuci's Flat Bread: Castelpoto's spicy red sausage

Black flour ciabatta with spicy red sausage from Castelpoto,caciocavallo cheese and pan-fried peppers with olives 15 euro

Cuci's Bun: November special

Frisian burger from Sannio with flavoured tomato and basil mayo, French mountain cheese and bologna from Muccio farm (Castelpoto) 15 euro

Cuci's Bun: marchigiana burger

Marchigiana beef burger with mature cheddar, crispy bacon and with aubergine and mint Mayo
12 euro

Cuci's Bun with crunchy chicken

Crunchy chicken, Gouda (holland cheese), salad, dried tomatoes and herb mayo 10 euro

Veggie Cuci's Bun

with fried provola cheese and fries courgettes 10 euro



Panettone by Pasticceria Russo

served with English cream 6 euro

Biscuits by Pasticceria Russo

Butter biscuits with almonds and chocolate chips served with RUM RELICARIO SUPREMO RON DOMINICANO 12 euro

Cuci's desserts

Desserts of the day 6 euro


Coke 3,00 euro
Coke zero 3,00 euro
Estathe lemon 3,00 euro
San pellegrino white 3,00 euro
San pellegrino red 3,00 euro
Tonic 3,00 euro
Tassoni 3,00 euro


Draught Beer
Cauldron brewery (Benevento)

Kölsch (bionda) 0,4l 4 euro
Bosch (rossa) 0,3l 5 euro
IPA 0,4l 5 euro

Canned beer (33cl)
“Alimenta”, Saison, 5,7%alc 6 euro

Bottled beer (33cl)
Fresca (chiara) 4%alc 5 euro
Igea (chiara gluten free) 5,3%alc 6 euro
Riegele (Weizen doppelbock) 8%alc 6 euro
Riegele (lager) 5,2%alc 5 euro
Spitfire (super strong lager) 9%alc 6 euro

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