* gluten free

  products from “Sale della Terra


Fried bites

Potato croquette with mozzarella, fried paccheri filled with ricotta cheese, Abruzzese cheese and egg balls 6 euro

Vegetable trio*

Grilled aubergines and courgettes with lemon thyme and pan fried peppers 8 euro

Singara & Samosa

From Indian street food two vegetarian dumplings: singara with tomato, courgettes, garlic and chili, samosa with chickpeas, potatoes and chili 6 euro

Nem Ram

Fried fillo dough rolls with mango, dried tomatoes, carrots, onions and creamy cheese 8 euro

Grande Sfizio

Mixed starters 20 euro

Mini tagliere*

Small charcuterie board 10 euro

Il tagliere*

Charcuterie board 20 euro

Il tagliere di formaggi*

A selection of local and international cheese 12 euro

Main Course

Lobster ravioli

Lobster ravioli with salted butter and nut crumble 9 euro

Medaglioni cheese and pepper

Round ravioli filled with pecorino cheese and pepper served on pureed yellow peppers 9 euro

Fusilli alla Nerano

Fusilli from Irpinia with courgettes, basil and provolone cheese 8 euro

From the world

Beef biryani*

Basmati rice with spiced beef and courgettes and potatoes seasoned with turmeric 12 euro

Cuci's Swaharma*

Halal sausage and spiced chicken with salad, yogurt sauce and nigella seeds 10 euro


Spiced chicken breast with coconut milk and bengali chickpeas 10 euro


Bengali whole wheat flatbread with spiced chicken, peppers, cheese and yogurt and honey sauce  8 euro

Cous cous

Cous cous with prawns, vegetables and lemon zest 12 euro


The fab 80s

Heifer beef fillet with green peppercorn sauce 20 euro

Iberian Angus

Iberian angus rib-eye steak  8 euro/hg

Baltic beef

Marinated with sesame oil, soy sauce and maple syrup 6 euro/hg



Mixed salad with tomatoes, scamorza cheese, hazelnut crumbs and tzatziki sauce 10 euro


Mazara red prawn tartare*

with courgettes and orange and lime zest 15 euro

Amberjack tartare*

with aubergines, passion fruit infused oil and basil 15 euro


Buns are homemade by our chef Cuci.
Gluten free buns available

Cuci's Bun: marchigiana burger

Marchigiana beef burger, provola cheese, grilled aubergines and handmade nduja ketchup 8 euro

Cuci's Bun: black pork burger

Whole wheat bun with black pork burger, Gouda cheese, caramelized onions and romesco sauce 10 euro

Cuci's Bun: heifer burger

Heifer burger, truffled caciotta cheese and bacon 10 euro

Veggie Cuci's Bun

Fried provola cheese, grilled aubergines, mayo and mint leaves 8 euro

Pastrami baguette

French baguette with pastrami from Antica Norceria Viola, gruyere, mustard and dried tomato mayo 9 euro

Smoked salmon baguette

French baguette with smoked salmon, stracchino cheese, mixed salad, lime zest and mayo 9 euro



Zeppole by Pasticceria Russo

Choux with custard cream 2 euro

Cuci's brioche with ice cream

Homemade Sicilian brioche with artisanal ice cream 6 euro

Cuci's desserts

Desserts of the day 5 euro


Coke 2,50 euro
Coke zero 2,50 euro
Fanta 2,50 euro
Estathe peach 2,50 euro
Estathe lemon 2,50 euro
San pellegrino white 2,50 euro
San pellegrino red 2,50 euro
Crodino twist 2,50 euro
Tonic 2,50 euro
Tassoni 2,50 euro


Draught Beer
Cauldron brewery (Benevento)
Kölsch – Disguised 0,4l 4 euro
Saison – Le coq wallon 0,4l 5 euro
Berliner – Over the wall tropical fruit 0,25l 5 euro

Canned beer (33cl)
Birra della Granda reveille IPA 6 euro
Birra della Granda no mask double IPA  6 euro
Birra della Granda looking glass West Coast IPA  6 euro
Birra della Granda kei os IPA 6 euro
Birra della Granda aero gluten free 6 euro
Birra kloe della Granda 6 euro
Birra della Granda ghost Belgian strong ale 6 euro
Birra Brewdog hazy jane neipa 6 euro
Birra Inked artigianale blonde ale 6 euro
Birra Inked artigianale red ale 6 euro
Birra Grimbergen blanche 4 euro
Birra Grimbergen double ambree 4 euro
Birra Grimbergen blonde 4 euro

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