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* gluten free

  products from “Sale della Terra



Sicilian arancina, a ball of rice filled with pistachio sauce and speck 5 euro


Sicilian arancina, a ball of rice filled with fried aubergines and caciocavallo cheese 5 euro



Greeon olives 3 euro
Peanuts 2 euro

Fried bites

Potato croquette with mozzarella, fried paccheri filled with ricotta cheese, eggplant balls, Abruzzese cheese and egg balls 8 euro


Three Spanish croquettes with bechamel and Spanish ham and cheese
6 euro

Vegetable trio*

“A funghetto” aubergines  (fried with tomatoes), peppers with olives and capers, and fried courgettes 10 euro

Nem Ram

Fried fillo dough rolls with mango, dried tomatoes, carrots, onions and creamy cheese 8 euro

Grande Sfizio

Mixed starters 25 euro

Mini tagliere*

Small charcuterie board 10 euro

Il tagliere*

Charcuterie board 20 euro

Il tagliere di Culatello*

Culatello di parma 24 months 15 euro

Il tagliere di formaggi*

A selection of local and international cheese 12 euro

Main Course

Linguine with salted cod

Linguine with salted cod, crusco pepper, breadcrumbs seasoned with thyme and lime zest 14 euro

Ravioli with asparagus and mascarpone cheese

Ravioli (fresh pasta) filled with asparagus and mascarpone cheese, sauted with salted butter from Normandy and 30-month old parmesan 14 euro

Roasted octopus

Roasted octopus with salad, apple cubes and balsamic vinegar 15 euro

From the world


Chicken Bandidos 8 euro


Halal sausage, spicy chicken with salad, yogurt and sesame seeds 14 euro

Lamb satay

Street food from Malesia: mini skews marinated with ginger, soy sauce and curry, served with a sauce made with peanut butter, chili and milk 12 euro

Pulao with hallal chicken

Pulas is a spiced basmati rice from Pakistan served with hallal chicken and coconut milk 14 euro

Cous cous with roasted prawns

Cous cous with vegetable cubes, roasted prawns and lime zest 15 euro


Pork t-bone

Double cooking, first on embers and then in the oven, marinated with honey, extra virgin olive oil, umami and dark rum 4 euro/hg

Rib eye Scottona

6 euro/hg

Rib eye steak

Brazilian beef, 60-day hanging rib eye steak with Japanese marinade, soy sauce, honey, sesame oil and a hint of acrata chilli 8 euro/hg

Spanish WAGYU Steak

12 euro/hg


Buns are homemade by our chef Cuci.
Gluten free buns available

Cuci's Flat Bread: danish entrecôte

Venere black rice focaccia with danish entrecote, artichoke pate from Paestum, fontina cheese and herb mayo 15 euro

Cuci's Bun: May special

Irish black angus burger gr 200 with grilled courgettes, crispy onions, gouda cheese, mango and ginger mayo 15 euro

Cuci's Bun: marchigiana burger

Marchigiana beef burger, artichokes, provola cheese and bacon steamed with marsala and honey 12 euro

Cuci's Ciabatta: sausage

Homemade turmeric and linseed ciabatta with sausage from Sannio, “a funghetto” aubergines  (fried with tomatoes) and parmesan 12 euro

Cuci's Bun with crunchy chicken

Crunchy chicken, caciotta cheeese from Irpinia, salad, mexican sauce 10 euro

Veggie Cuci's Bun

Crunchy provola cheese,a funghetto” aubergines  (fried with tomatoes) and chilli sauce 10 euro

Culatello Focaccia

Focaccia bread made with black rice, with crispy provola cheese, culatello, orange zest, salad and mayo 12 euro

Salmon ciabatta

Homemade turmeric and linseed Ciabatta bread with salmon, fried courgettes and stracchino cheese 12 euro



Zeppole by Pasticceria Russo

Choux with custard cream 3 euro

Cannoli siciliani

Choice of classic or chocolate wafer
with Sicilian ricotta euro 4 euro each

Pistachio wafer 5 euro each

Cuci's brioche with ice cream

Homemade Sicilian brioche with artisanal ice cream 6 euro

Cuci's desserts

Desserts of the day 5 euro


Coke 3,00 euro
Coke zero 3,00 euro
Estathe lemon 3,00 euro
San pellegrino white 3,00 euro
San pellegrino red 3,00 euro
Tonic 3,00 euro
Tassoni 3,00 euro


Draught Beer
Cauldron brewery (Benevento)
Kölsch – Disguised 0,4l 4 euro
Saison – Le coq wallon 0,4l 5 euro
Berliner – Over the wall tropical fruit 0,25l 5 euro

Canned beer (33cl)
Birra della Granda reveille IPA 6 euro
Birra della Granda no mask double IPA  6 euro
Birra della Granda looking glass West Coast IPA  6 euro
Birra della Granda kei os IPA 6 euro
Birra della Granda aero gluten free 6 euro
Birra kloe della Granda 6 euro
Birra della Granda ghost Belgian strong ale 6 euro
Birra Brewdog hazy jane neipa 6 euro
Birra Inked artigianale blonde ale 6 euro
Birra Inked artigianale red ale 6 euro

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